Freeverse (portmanteau of Freedom & universe) is a rogue-like videogame which aims to provide the player with unlimited freedom and deepness of gameplay.

Current features:


Approacing a lonely planet. Flying looking for a landing spot. Walking around and exploring. Land and a lake seen from above. Going for a swim under the rain. Exploring the depths of the sea. Digging tunnels and galleries. Ship computer test fully passed.



The game begins with the player (@) inside a spaceship, located in deep space just over a planet. The player direction and movement is controlled with the arrows: [←↓→] rotates the pointer, [] initiates the movement.

Rotate the pointer over the ship terminal (=) and [O]perate it to control the spaceship; move around using the arrows [↑↓←→] or the keypad.

Now [D]escend to the planet and fly across the sky looking for a place to land (green cells).

Once found a suitable place, release ship control [O]perating the terminal, rotate the pointer to the south door (+) and [O]pen it.

Once outside on the surface feel free to wander the planet, waiting for the rain, swimming in the water, exploring the depths of the oceans, or [E]xcavating holes and tunnels.

Finally return to the ship, [O]perate the terminal (=) again and [A]scend to deep space; you can now search for another celestial body to explore.

Tired of all that exploring? Access the ship [T]erminal and play with the advanced games supported by the virtual computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Version 0.1 (2021-02-23)


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